One Call For All

One Call for All is an umbrella organization that provides funding to over 100 essential Bainbridge Island non-profits, including Kids In Concert. They raise funds through an annual Island-wide mailing marked by the arrival of the One Call for All Red Envelope in your mailbox.


Suquamish Tribe

The Suquamish Tribe is a strong, self-governing, sovereign nation that provides for the health, education and welfare of its families, reflecting traditional Suquamish values. Located on the Port Madison Indian Reservation, near Poulsbo, Washington, the tribe has more than 950 people, whose roots go back 10,000 years in the area. The nearby city of Seattle is named after the Suquamish Tribe's former Chief Seattle.


Carlsen Cello Foundation

This foundation in Seattle, Washington, was established by Dr. Carlsen to encourage young cello players to borrow and play a quality instrument until they are in a position to purchase a good instrument for themselves. To this end, Dr Carlsen is constantly on the lookout for cellos that can be used in this way. In 2015, he heard about KIC and donated two beautiful cellos to support our young musicians.


Bainbridge Performing Arts

Bainbridge Performing Arts promotes appreciation of and participation in the performing arts to build, educate, and inspire. BPA and KIC partner and collaborate in community outreach, music and theatre education, and BPA provides our students with the opportunity to experience live, orchestral music.


Seattle Symphony

KIC is a partner with the Seattle Symphony through its Community Connections program dedicated to building bridges with diverse communities in the Puget Sound region through Symphony concerts, music making and co-created community performances.


El Sistema

KIC is a proud member of the National Alliance of El Sistema Inspired Programs (NAESIP) that launched in 2013 to serve the El Sistema movement in the U.S.