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Our kids are beautiful and happy because they have an opportunity to learn to play music together. That opportunity only happens with financial support from our partners, friends and families. Did you know Kids In Concert spends $1000 annually on instrument string replacement alone? Your tax deductible gift helps us buy those strings, additional instruments and repairs. And it makes a lasting impact on children's lives. In other words, your donation makes music! 100% of your donation will be used to operate Kids In Concert in our community and to implement future programs in the larger Kitsap County region. Please give today.

"My daughter has been in the KIC program for almost 2 years. She plays the violin. In that time, she made friends that share the same interest as her and that is what made it fun. She went from making silly noises to playing beautiful music. She has awesome mentors, and of course a wonderful teacher Laura who makes the magic happen so our kids can learn the sound of music. I love that our kids have the opportunity to learn about music and share it with us." - KIC Parent


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