When we are free to play,
we lose our sense of judgment.
That is when we truly begin to explore...

Our Philosophy And Values

Kids In Concert is modeled after El Sistema, the internationally renowned youth orchestra movement from Venezuela that has brought remarkable outcomes socially and musically across the globe. According to Eric Booth, one of the founders of El Sistema in the USA, as of “late 2013 the US has almost one hundred programs, many with multiple sites, and there are about one thousand Sistema-inspired program sites in 55 countries, including all continents but Antarctica. All are aligned with the fundamental principles of El Sistema as developed in Venezuela, and every teacher and leader involved in these programs feels deeply part of a global El Sistema movement.”


The following are El Sistema’s core values, the set of inspiring ideals that inform this intensive youth music program that seeks to effect social change through the ambitious pursuit of music excellence. These descriptors are taken verbatim from El Sistema USA and they provide KIC its core focus as well:


Every human being has the right to a life of dignity and contribution, filled with beauty.


Every child can learn to experience and express music and art deeply, can receive its many benefits, and can make different critical life choices as a result of this learning.


Overcoming poverty and adversity is best done by strengthening the spirit, creating, as Dr. Abreu puts it, “an affluence of the spirit,” and investing that affluence as a valued asset in a community endeavor to create excellence and beauty in music.


Effective education is based on love, approval, joy, and consistently successful experiences within a high-functioning, aspiring, nurturing community. Every child has limitless possibilities and the ability to strive for excellence. “Trust the young,” informs every aspect of the work.


Learning organizations never arrive but are always becoming--striving to include: more students, deeper impact, greater musical excellence, better teaching, improved tools, more joy. Thus, flexibility, experimentation, risk-taking, and collegial exchange are inherent aspects of every program.

Our People


Kirsten Branson-Meyer

Executive Director


Laura Milleson

Music Director


Phoebe Liebling

Cello Instructor


Emma Naden-Johns

Violin Teacher


Sophie Doane

Violin Instructor